Blue Iris Cinema is currently searching for select roles for a small project. If interested in auditioning, please send us your photo (and resume/reel, if available) to

Please note: The project is set in China and/or within Asian and Asian-American communities, and thus, all of the following roles are suited as such.

Shooting takes place in Los Angeles, CA.

Jing   (9-12 years old)

Must be able to speak basic Mandarin Chinese.

rowdy, short-tempered, but talented boy from Shanghai. Jing is a happy-go-lucky kid whose only responsibility in life is to do well in school and have fun. His teachers are afraid that his talents are spread too thin as each attempt at an extra-curricular is easily thwarted by interest in the next. Jing’s greatest curiosity seems to lie in photography, his father’s profession, and his least, albeit most skillful is the violin.

 (14 - 16 y/o)        Emelia

A daughter of Chinese immigrants living in San Francisco. She is kind, forgiving, and relentlessly empathetic (often more than what is fair of her). Having grown up in poverty-stricken Chinatown, Emelia’s resolve has been molded by hard work and passion. Although troubled, she has dreams of breaking free from the dark world she’s lived in until now.

(late 30s)     An  

Must be able to speak fluent Mandarin Chinese.

Jing’s mild-mannered father. A successful photographer for a Western-Chinese newspaper, Ahn has earned a comfortable living for himself and his family. He opposes traditional ways of discipline; therefore, he is undoubtedly Jing’s favorite parent. Ahn has high hopes for his gifted son and knows that one day he will benefit from a softer tone, rather than the harsher approach of his mother.

  Jing (late 30s)      

Now a father of two girls in his new home, San Francisco. Forever scarred by the events of World War II, Jing often has bursts of infantile rage towards his family. Above all, Jing is pragmatic and knows what it is like to fall from affluence into poverty.

Ethan (16-20 y/o)

Soft-spoken, kind, and resolute, Ethan has inherited most of the traits of his mother, Emelia, when she was younger. However, his passion for photography often comes in conflict with Emelia’s desire for him to be successful in other talents, such as the violin and academics. Yet, despite the frequent disputes he will have with her, Ethan’s greatest goal in life is to make her truly proud – a feat he has been unable to scratch the surface of his entire life. 

(early 40s)    Emelia

Now a hardworking mother and lawyer. Having never realized her dream of becoming a violinist, she vicariously lives out what little remnants she has of that passion through training her son, Ethan. The years have been difficult on her. Emelia is no longer the sweet and lighthearted child she once was. She is strict and commanding, shows little patience, and offers more criticisms than compliments.

Karen (late 20s - early 40s)

A successful photographer and mother to Ethan’s only cousin, Kylie. Having Emelia as an older sister has carried the burden of harsh discipline growing up. The years have treated Karen more kindly than Emelia. She is more free-spirited and warmer and serves as Ethan’s role model. As the only daughter still speaking to Jing, Karen is the single bridge Ethan has to the grandfather he has never met.