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ryan ben jow

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About Me

Ryan Jow is an accomplished marketing and creative specialist who possesses expertise in film and commercial development. He has collaborated with several renowned brands such as Amazon, Netflix, Google, Blizzard Entertainment, and Riot Games, among others. Ryan's remarkable achievements demonstrate his ability to create impactful marketing strategies that connect with the intended audience and foster business expansion.



Film & Television

Writer, Director, and Producer of the films WINDFALL & EULOGY. While my first passion for film was in cinematography, I quickly transitioned to directing as I had stories near and dear to my heart that I wanted to tell on my own. I am currently represented by ICM (CAA) as both a screenwriter & director. 


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Branded Content

I have nearly a decade of experience in working with brands through our partner agency, Mercy Brothers. Together, we have produced countless commercials, trailers, and reels for a variety of high-profile brands as clients.


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Art & Animation

My first love for the screen was animation and continues to be the ultimate goal I strive for. There are screenplays I have written strictly with the goal of animation in mind and to this day, I continue to delve into this world, pushing the boundaries of my expertise in this realm.

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My most recent venture in art has been with Web3 and the emerging NFT industry. I have designed 3D model sets and have a 2D animated NFT, called Drakoids, arriving onto the Ethereum Blockchain. Additionally, I have worked with other successful NFT brands such as FUDDERS and SPACE WARRIORS CLUB.

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Film & Television

Film & Televsion

WINDFALL (Feature Film)

My flagship film, WINDFALL, is a feature film currently in development, detailing themes of generational trauma amongst a Chinese-American family, spanning decades. The screenplay and concept trailer has garnered high praise across the industry and was awarded a spot on the 2018 Blacklist Lab for its powerful story and masterful depiction of Asian Americans on screen.

EULOGY (Short Film)

A young girl must learn how to perfectly recite a eulogy for her departed grandmother in Mandarin, a language she has yet to master -- in one day.

Film Equipment

Branded Content

Branded Content

My Clients Include

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Art & Animation

THE TWO PARTS (Short Film)

THE TWO PARTS is an upcoming hand drawn animated short film detailing a girl's experience coping with the loss of her mother through their shared love for music and cryptography. The film combines both the uses of 2d animation and 3d background art to bring a semi-realistic feel to it.

Art & Animation


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